Outsourcing Small Things


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For some companies, outsourcing content creation for writing blogs and posting on social networks can be a major stressor for some companies. Here at Clear Bounce, we believe that outsourcing can help make your life easier. Just as how you are currently outsourcing your advertising and digital marketing needs to us – it can be a major benefit for your business. We can maintain the quality of work while making it as authentic as possible. 

Make sure to communicate your needs and desire with clarity and be concise. As we spoke about tone in earlier topics, creating a marketing guide with the tone your company wants to express is paramount.

Here are two websites which can help you outsource your work regarding content creation:

Upwork: At Upwork, there will be hundreds of the world’s top freelancers and agencies. From developers, designers and copywriters there are a host of different freelancers for any project you want to be done.

Pros: A huge selection of choices, analysis of your needs, and support to help you find a good match.

Cons: Time and Effort. Here at Clear Bounce we have everything under one roof – thus reducing time and price. We have talent within our company for all of your needs.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, Slave Labour? What is this!

Well, some freelancers do have a lot of free time and specialized skills, and they post on this forum when they have specific needs for cash – with extremely low prices.

Pros: You can find some novelty in helping your business with the services they offer. Even though it is not a company per se, multiple designers do post jobs that they can do for you.

Cons: Level and quality of work is to be found out – alongside additional time and effort wasted into coordinating what you truly want. It is cheap, but sometimes the value is not there.